CBS Evening News Story - GM Recall Class Action Filed on Behalf of 658 people Killed

A federal GM class action lawsuit has been filed which alleges that 658 people have been killed due to GM's faulty ignition switch. General Motors recently announced that it was creating a GM Settlement fund for victims who suffered serious injuries due to ignition switch recall. However, that that General Motors Victim Compensation Fund are only eligible if they were injured or died as part of the original GM recall of 2.6 million cars in Feb 2014.

CBS aired a story on July 30th regarding this new GM Death Class Action lawsuit. The story was titled: "GM recall not fast enough in addressing dangerous vehicles" You can watch the story on General Motors failure not acting quickly enough to avoid these preventable deaths.

General Motors Class Action Lawsuit and the Compensation Fund

The General Motors compensation fund was scheduled to begin on August 1st. Fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg stated that the victims will be paid out over the course of the next year. General Motors has projected that the fund will need at least $400 million for the compensation fund. Some legal professionals that money will not be enough as the compensation fund will be uncapped. It is also projected that hundreds of more injury and death victims of GM could join the class action. There are other lawsuits all around the country for the diminished value of General Motors cars. General Motors stated this compensation fund will not compensate victims who lost value of the cars as part of the massive recall. Those Diminished Value Victims will need to take Genera Motors to court to recoup the real lost value due to faulty ignitions.

General Motors has not commented on the GM Class Action lawsuit. When reached for comment General Motors Spokesman said, "We want to do the right thing for the people who were physically injured or lost a loved one as a result of an ignition switch issue in a Cobalt or one the other recalled small cars."


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