Victims Left Out of GM Compensation Fund

GM Compensation Fund Begins Aug 1st

Reports indicate that many victims of the ignition switch recall will be left out of the compensation fund. These victims include the families of 3 people that died as a result of General Motors mistake. There are also at the very least 13 people tied to the ignition recall that were injured that will not be eligible for compensation under this program. Those people who are ineligible for the General Motors Compensation program can go ahead and file a GM Recall Lawsuit. Only victims of the GM Ignition recall which own one of the cars that part of the initial 2.6 million recall in February are eligible for compensation via the fund. All of the victims of the subsequent 11.6 million recall are not entitled to compensation via the fund. Those General Motors recall victims would have to file a lawsuit against General Motors to recoup any money. General Motors has also stated that victims of the diminished value of General Motors vehicles are not entitled to compensation via the fund. Those General Motors customers would have to file a Diminished Value General Motors lawsuit. There are still court hearings regarding General Motors liability on cars made prior to 2009 when General Motors filed for bankruptcy.

Filing a General Motors Recall Lawsuit

If you have one of the General Motors recalled vehicles that were recalled after the 2.6 million recalls in Feb 2014 you are ineligible to qualify for the GM Victims Compensation Fund. In order to receive compensation for your General Motors ignition switch recall accident you must file a lawsuit against General Motors. Every GM recall lawsuit is different and our General Motors Recall Lawyers have the experience to review all the penitent information. We will analyze all the available data regarding your GM Recall accident and present the best case we can in order to maximize your recovery. Our General Motors Recall litigation teams has decades of experience in litigating product liability cases. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If you feel you or a member of your family were a victim of the General Motors recall, complete the form to right for a Free GM Lawsuit Claim Evaluation.


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