GM Recall Airbag Knowledge Lacking

There have at least 13 reported deaths linked the ignition recall of over 2.6 million General Motor vechiles. Regulators said last month that these General Motors car's air bag should have worked up to 60 seconds after the engine stalled. General Motor's has recently stated these reports all false, the engine only had enough power for the air bags to deploy for 150 millionseconds after the power failed. Investegators involved in a 2006 crash in Wisconsin have noted a car traveling over 71mph engine's stalled. Seconds later the car hit and tree and the air bags never deloyed. The driver of that General Motors car was injured and two of the passengers died.

In April, plaintiff's attorneys sought to name Continental Automotive Systems US, who manufacture's air bags for General Motors into the this massive GM Recall litigation. The are a proposed dozen of General Motors AirBag Class Actions lawsuits forming over these recalls. Some state that Continental Automotive Systems US may have known about defects to the GM Air Bags as early as 2005.


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